Resin Root Coffee Table
Resin Root Coffee Table

Resin Root Coffee Table

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This exquisite Resin Root Coffee Table is flawlessly crafted from natural parota wood with a unique black resin inlay, creating an eye-catching piece of furniture for your living space. The perfect balance of natural beauty and modernity, this table will make an elegant statement in any room.
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*Parota Wood
*Black Resin Inlay

Dimensions - 37 x 33 x 3

Hand crafted in Costa Rica from Parota wood. The slab spends 6 months in a wood Kim where the wood moisture is brought down to 8% humidity. The wood slabs are hand picked by our vendor, which ensures that each table will be unique. Each Slab is shipped to Texas, where the slabs are sanded and sealed with a high solid polyurethane.

Parota wood has a mixed color with brown, gold, and golden veins that makes it very appealing for furniture with a classy and refined appearance. This wood is particularly stunning on the larger surfaces of wood furniture because the grains of this wood are usually highly erratic in some places and straight in others. The abundance of sapwood, the "white" part of the wood, in comparison to the quantity of heartwood, the "dark" part, in the center of the tree's trunk, is a well-known feature of parota wood. The oils that preserve the wood and draw attention to the grain in parota wood furnishings give the material a moderately natural shine without the use of coatings or other gloss-enhancing agents like artificial resins.

Parota wood is a semi-hard wood that is lighter than other comparable woods, has a long lifespan, and is perfect for creating heirloom-quality furniture that can be passed down through the family

Use a damp towel to clean the area. Use warm water with soap and a sponge to scrub away the residue on your resin table if you want to give it a more thorough washing. Never use anything that is more rough than a sponge. This is because, despite being scratch-resistant, epoxy resin surfaces aren't scratch-proof.

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