White Tibetan Pillow

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Our selection of Tibetan lamb products include: 16" square pillows, 20" square pillows, 26" square pillows, lumbar pillows 12x20" and 12x40", natural-shape pelts (whole hide), 2x4' throws, and 4x6' throws. All of these items are available in 33 different stylish colors and naturals. Tibetan lamb pillows and throws are also available in custom sizes. Please see our furniture list for more details on Tibetan cubes and benches.

We are not responsible for sun bleached wool, DO NOT place near a window regardless of window UV protection. Do not place outside in direct sunlight as item will bleach, fade, or dry out and become brittle.

Create a serene and tranquil atmosphere with the White Tibetan Pillow. Crafted with plush Tibetan fur, this pillow adds a luxurious and cozy accent to any room.

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